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The Dragon Ball Chou manga is a popular Japanese comic book (Super)

In the years after their fight with Majin Buu,

So, Son Goku packs up his family and relocates to the middle of nowhere.

He can cut down on his workouts now that there is no longer a danger from bad forces in the globe.

The state of Goku’s body has worsened.

But all of a sudden, a force he has never seen before begins to exert itself here on Earth.

Beerus, the deity of annihilation, has finally made his way to Earth.

His future was foretold by a dream vision of the Super Saiyajin God, and hence,

He hopes to fight Super Saiyan God. In any case, who is this terrible Saiyajin God, anyway?

Akira Toriyama penned and Toyotarou drew the manga series.

The name of the show is Dragon Ball Super (in Japanese, Doragon Bru Sp),

DBS is an abbreviation often used to refer to this system.

Over the course of a decade, the plot follows Goku and his friends as they undertake various missions.

It takes place after Majin Buu had been killed in Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball manga.

V Jump, Shueisha’s monthly shonen manga magazine, originally published the story as a serial in June 2015.

The English translation of the manga is simultaneously released by both Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus service.

The 131-episode anime series was produced by Toei Animation.

It aired in Japan from July 2015 to March 2018 and was based on the manga.

The second film in the Dragon Ball Super franchise.

The December 2018 release of Broly soon became the year’s most watched anime film.

As of the 11th of June, 2022, a second film named Super Hero was accessible to see.

In the story, four years after defeating Majin Buu, Goku is a farmer.

His loved ones seem to be happy and successful.

However, Beerus, the God of Destruction, eventually emerges from his long slumber.

Beerus, with the aid of Whis, is looking for a fighter known as the Super Saiyan God.

Angus’s understudy and right-hand man.

Beerus has threatened the extinction of all life on Earth if his enemy is successful in defeating him.

With his friends’ help, Goku can transform into a Super Saiyan God.

struggles against Beerus, only to fall short, although

Because of what Goku has done, Beerus will spare Earth.

Whis then instructs Goku and Vegeta.

The last remaining member of Frieza’s army gathers the Dragon Balls in an effort to resurrect their leader.

With his training complete, Frieza heads to Earth in search of vengeance.

Golden Frieza has fully evolved into his new form.

but Goku and Vegeta, who can both transform into Super Saiyan Blue, have this beat.

nonetheless, you must defeat him. Frieza, motivated by vengeance, tries to destroy Earth.

On the other hand, Whis may perhaps go across time to help Goku beat Frieza.

Universe 6’s God of Destruction, Champa, is a sibling of Beerus.

suggest that he arrange a competition amongst the greatest warriors from their respective realms.

Whoever wins the competition will get the Super Dragon Balls.

They are so massive that whole planets might fit inside of them, and their wish-granting power is nearly boundless. To guarantee a satisfying dining experience,

Champa has proposed a trade wherein the dead planet in Universe 6 would be replaced with a planet in Universe 7.

It was determined that Goku and his friends would enter the tournament.

It’s been suggested that Goku’s bout against Hit is the most pivotal of the whole tournament.

Goku concedes the fight because he is outmatched by Hit.

Hit forfeits the championship match, and Universe Seven is declared victorious.

Beerus, king of Universe 6, wants Earth more than anything, and the Super Dragon Balls are the only thing that can make it happen.

All-World Emperor Lord Zen and Goku strike up a chat, and the two become fast friends.

An oath to follow Lord Zen is made by Goku.

Future Trunks eventually shows up with information on a rival named Goku Black.

someone resembles Goku Finally, they figure out that Zamasu is an apprentice Supreme Kai from Universe Ten.

In reality, Goku Black himself is Goku Black. With the intention of wiping out all human life,

Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to travel back in time and steal Goku’s body.

Goku is able to return to the present with Future Zen’s assistance (see [6]), where he meets and befriends Present Zen.

This destroys both Zamasu and the chronology in the future.

Trunks travels to a new era.

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